St. Jean Baptiste Parish holds Blue Mass in honour of first responders

by Lucie Roy

Blue Mass Sunday was held on Sunday, Sept. 25, at École Notre Dame School to recognize the contributions of first responders.

The presentation of Pocket Medals of St. Micheal the Archangel, to watch over all first responders took place, along with a souvenir bookmark and thank you brochure.

The Mass was held to thank those who, every moment of every day, stand ready to come forward, putting themselves in harm’s way on the community’s behalf.

The St. Jean Baptiste Parish Community dedicated the Special Blue Mass to the Morinville Fire Department and all surrounding fire departments, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Alberta Health Services and all first responders in the area, who answered the call on June 30, 2022 and fought so valiantly to save St. Jean Baptiste Church.

“We thank them for what they accomplished, no lives were lost, injuries were minimal. A very large area of our downtown core was saved, this included two designated historical sites. We are so grateful and thankful,” a passage in the brochure reads. “In this Mass, we also remember all those who are fighting in war-torn areas around the world, especially the Ukraine.”

The program notes that on Sept. 25, 2022 “we gather as a community to show our gratitude and express our prayerful support to those in uniform, our first responders. We also pray and remember those among the rank and file who gave their lives for us here. We also pray for all lives that were lost in the pandemic. We offer our condolences to their survivors, spouses, parents, children and friends.”

The Mass included the choir, Celebrant Reverend Trini Pinca, hospitality with Ret. Staff Sgt, Garry Radford, readers with Ret. Superintendent Charmaine Bulger and Morinville Fire Chief Brad Boddez, Eucharistic Ministers Garry and Janet Gaetz and Noreen Radford and Offertory with Jonathon Wedick and family.

Below Are Some Photos From The Event
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