The Zoo to face the wrecking ball in next three months

by Colin Smith

The Town of Morinville now has The Zoo off its hands.

The property at 10010-100 Avenue where the former bar of that name stands came under town ownership as a result of a tax forfeiture, and has now been sold.

An update on the land sale was provided to council Tuesday by Planning and Economic Development Manager T.J. Auer.

Auer told council the sale was on an as-is, where-is basis and at fair market value based on the town appraisal, so its approval was not required.

“The town will be able to recuperate all of the money owed on the property, including expenses related to the ownership and sale,” he said.

However, the town will not be able to make a profit on the sale Auer said in response to a question from Councillor Jen Anheliger.

“Under the Municipal Government Act the town can recuperate those back taxes as well as expenses and administrative fees as part of owning and selling the property,” he stated. “Any additional proceeds must go to the former property owner.”

Timely demolition of the current building was a condition of the sale, with the grace period set at 90 days.

Auer said a discussion of the demolition permit is underway.

The Town did not disclose what the property sold for or who the new property owners are.

The Zoo began its life as the Victoria Hotel and was built by Joseph Perra prior to 1910. Ownership changed many times over the years, and eventually, the building became known as the Morinville Hotel and later The Zoo.

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  1. Historic building with a lot of history going back to where the bottom was horse a stable for people to stay overnight up stairs

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