Morinville Library accepting food for fines this week

by Stephen Dafoe

If you have an overdue library book, DVD or CD, this week is the perfect time to return it, saving yourself some of that fine and helping those in need at the same time.

October is Library Month, and each year, the Morinville Community Library offers one week where they will accept donations for the food bank in exchange for waving some of that library fine. Each can of food brought to the library gets $1 taken off the fine to a maximum of $20.

“The Foor for Fines that we have at the Morinville Community Library is to support our awesome Morinville Food Bank,” said Assistant Director Cheryl Pasechnik. “We are doing our part by waving fines when somebody brings in a can of food.”

Pasechnik said that the library could have many outstanding books collecting fines at any given time. The Food for Fines program not only assists the Morinville Food Bank, but it also helps get those overdue books and items back into circulation for other patrons.

“It’s just nice to get the book back and be able to give it to somebody else who wants to borrow the item instead of having to buy it again,” Pasechnik said.

The Food for Fines program does not apply to lost or damaged materials.

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