Santa Store Auction is expanding its assistance to families this year

by Stephen Dafoe

The 25th Annual Santa Store Auction in support of the Midstream Support Society takes place Saturday, Nov. 19, at Coach’s Corner in Morinville, and organizers are looking for auction items for the fundraising event.

The annual auction has been a popular Morinville event for a quarter century. It is the charity’s largest revenue source to help families in need provide a Christmas experience for their children.

But this year, auction proceeds will expand beyond the general mandate to provide toys and gifts for children who would otherwise not receive them.

“This year, we are doing things differently. We’re going to try and accommodate for local families’ needs,” said committee member and volunteer Lisa Piche. “We’re going to make sure we have toys under the tree, but we want to make sure that if a bill hasn’t been paid, or there’s some kind of stress— the washing machine’s not working—that we can pay for the actual problem. Sometimes, it’s not toys. Sometimes, it’s something else.”

Piche went on to say with gas prices and general inflation hitting residents’ pocketbooks harder, the Midstream knows this year will be a more challenging year than others.

To that end, hamper support has increased, and both the Auction and Midstream donated $3000 each to the Knights of Columbus’ annual Christmas Hamper program.

But to do that community work, the auction needs donations. Organizers are looking for auction items, gift certificates or monetary contributions.

Community members can drop off items at Coach’s Corner, or iCandy Optical Ltd. Donors can also call Lisa Piche at 780-292-5734 to arrange for a pickup of the item.

“We all know how we’ve been personally hit by gas prices and utility prices,” Piche said. “So those people who are making less money, working at places that aren’t paying higher wages; they’re really going to be hurting this year. So we want to just make sure those people are taken care of. We’re targeting basic needs and making sure people are covered.”

The Nov. 19 Auction starts at 7 p.m., with viewing from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Coach’s Corner owner Kal McDonald confirmed with Morinville Online that tables for this year’s event are all booked.

Last year the Santa Store Auction raised $17,355.

Anyone who knows a family who could use support this year can contact Kim Mills at the Town of Morinville 780-939-4361.

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