St. Albert RCMP detect 16 violations during child restraint seat compliance check

by Morinville Online Staff

St Alberta RCMP Traffic Services, St. Albert RCMP Community Policing and St. Albert Municipal Enforcement Services conducted a child seat compliance check on approximately 50 vehicles in the northeast corner of St Albert on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Of the 50 vehicles checked, 16 violations were detected, mostly resulting from the child seat being installed too loosely or the harness straps being too loose on the child.

“The overall compliance was good to see, with only some minor adjustments to the child seats needed,” said Cpl Curtis Harsulla in a media release. “Rather than tickets and fines, education and warnings were issued for the child seat violations as the goal of this operation was to inform motorists how to keep their young passengers safe.”

While police let people slide with some education on child seats, there were some tickets issued during the check, including adults not wearing seatbelts, failing to provide insurance or registration documents, and cannabis unlawfully in a vehicle.

St. Albert RCMP plans similar operations around St. Albert this month, which is identified int he Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar as Occupant Restraint Safety Month.

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