Boston Pizza Morinville ranked second in the country for company standards

Above: Boston Pizza, Morinville received the second highest rating in Canada for Boston Pizza’s Core Brand Standard Assessment. They were given the honour recently at a national franchise conference in Calgary. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville’s Boston Pizza franchise recently learned they were the second-ranked franchise in the country regarding the company’s Core Brand Standard Assessment (CBSA).

“It centers on Boston Pizza’s core operational standards with a strong focus on Food Safety, our Core Brand Standards, Dough and Pasta preparation, and the Foundations of Hospitality,” said Lorinda Santos
Franchisee Representative for Boston Pizza, Morinville.

The CBSA is a two-day assessment of all franchises across the country, done twice a year, where the Regional Office Manager comes to the restaurant to evaluate.

“Our restaurant got 98.61 out of 100,” Santos said, noting a restaurant from Ontario got a perfect score of 100.

Recognition for Morinville’s second highest honour in the country occurred at the Leadership Conference 2022 in Calgary.

“All Boston Pizzas across Canada have representatives at the Conference, Franchisees, GMs, KMs, and Boston Pizza International,” Santos explained. “I was not able to attend the Conference. I got the phone call from Malinda [Northcott], the General Manager, right after they got off the stage to get the recognition. It felt amazing! I felt so proud, especially to the staff who always work hard and give their best. I always say we have the best staff here at Boston Pizza Morinville!”

Earning the recognition should give guests further reassurance of the quality they receive at the local restaurant.

“We feel that our guests would have a level of comfort knowing that our restaurant is complying with the standards set by Boston Pizza International,” Santos said. “Our score proves that. These standards monitor quality, service satisfaction and cleanliness, and we believe that is important for our community to know. The bar has been set now, and we will continue to strive to be the best. Our goal is to maintain that score, and continue to offer the best service to our guests.”

Santos said she believes Boston Pizza, Morinville has a wonderful family of staff who are all doing their best.

“Many young staff, some of whom this is their very first job,” Santos said. “We are very thankful to our community for their patience and support over the last few years. We look forward to growing with Morinville.”

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