RQB hosts 30th Annual Family Hockey Tournament

by Lucie Roy

The 30th Family Hockey Tournament (FHT) was held from January 20 to 22 at the Riviere Qui Barre Arena.

The tournament consisted of eight families from the surrounding community battling for the FHT cup.

The teams consist of Bokenfohr, Kieser, Boddez, Kluthe, McKief, Perrott and Soetaert.

There are activities for the youth, fundraising opportunities for various groups, food, entertainment and good hockey.

The A Final winners were the Bokenfohr team, B was Soetaert, C was the Kluthe team, and D was Kieser.

The presentation of the Darrell Sheehan Memorial Trophy took place Sunday afternoon in the arena.

The recipient for 2023 was Charlie Boddez.  An avid hockey player, the surgery he had to undergo resulted in being unable to play organized hockey and he therefore volunteered his services to coach his younger brother’s team. Fast forward, and he is now playing hockey. It is a real testament to his character and the love and dedication of his parents, his family and the community. His courage and dedication is the cornerstone for this award.

Trophy Background

In July 1995 Darrell Sheehan was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor and passed away shortly after at the age of 39.The Family Hockey Tournament was a weekend that he looked forward to each tear. For him it was a chance to play hockey and visit with friends and family.

At the 1996 FHT, a trophy was anonymously donated to be presented to the most sportsmanlike player in memory of Darrell Sheehan. Over the years, the family has broadened the definition of sportsmanship.

The lists of recipients are not all hockey players in the tournament. Some were chosen for their sportsmanship in the game, others for their contributions to the FHT and community involvement within RQB.

Each year Darrell Sheehan family takes the opportunity to recognize an individual that truly understands both the purpose of the FHT and the importance of family and community.


Bokenfohr Team. A Div winners
Boddez team
Kieser- D Div winners.
Kluthe Team
McKief Team
Perrott Team
Shee-Fitz team
Soetaert B Div winners
Darrell Sheehan Memorial Trophy from Sheehan family to Charlie Boddez




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