Council Briefs: Council provides input on potential waste collection changes

by Morinville Online Staff

The Town’s contract for solid waste, organics, and recycling pickup ends at the end of 2023, and Admin is preparing to go to bid for a new five-year contract.

As they prepare for that process, Administration decided to get Council’s pulse on potential service changes that could provide better service and/or reduce costs.

Operations Supervisor Chris Longoz provided Council with several thoughts, including offering residents different bin sizes. Currently the Town offers everyone 240L bins. Longoz proposed offering households the choice of 80L, 120L and the existing 240L bins depending on their needs.

Longoz also suggested the Town could consider bi-weekly garbage pickup as St. Albert and Edmonton do. This consideration was met with strong opposition from several members of council.

Other considerations include adding large item pickup once or twice a year and an annual leaf pickup in addition to the weekly and monthly organics pickup.

Council accepted the report as information with no further direction.

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  1. If we had a better recycling program and people actually used their compost bins all year long we could all use a smaller garage bin. As a former Ontario resident were were allowed 1 free garbage bag per week. Anything more and we needed to buy bag tags ($1) per extra bags. If it wasn’t tagged it did not get collected. We were a family of 4 and only filled 1 80L can each week along with a full 45L compost bin and 2 recycling blue boxes. So my answer would be to enforce the compost and recycling program first. None of my neighbours in our cul de sac use there compost in the winter except us.

    • Totally agree – just two of us on our street put out compost bins in the winter. Composting means our garbage bins are put out every 2 or 3 weeks.

  2. If council goes bi-weekly, then would the costs to the taxpayers be reduced by half?

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