Our Morinville: The Week in Photos

Here are some of the photos taken with our cameras and yours over the past week.

You can send your photos for publication to editor@morinvillenews.com.

Stephanie Mantie captured this photo of Venus and Jupiter aligned on Thursday night.

The alignment of Venus and Jupiter seen above the treetops in Morinville on Thursday night.The current alignment is the best we’ll see until 2039.  – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Brian Arcand took this shot from his back door facing West of the planets Venus and Jupiter in alignment last night.

The North Edmonton Red Wings defeated the Morinville Jets 5-1 Tuesday night, bringing the playoff round and the Jets’ playoff season to a close in three straight. You can read the full story here.

Library staff member Margaret Meetsma and Library Director Isabelle Cramp marked 20 years with the Morinville Community Library in February. The long-time employees enjoy the day-to-day changes of serving their patrons. You can read the full story here. – Stephen Dafoe Photo


Morinville Councillor Scott Richardson was sworn in as Deputy Mayor at the Feb. 28 regular meeting of council. Richardson will serve in the role for the next eight months, at which time another member of council will be sworn in for the next eight months. – Submitted Photo

Sunday’s moon was waxing crescent at 62.19% illumination. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

Mars was lined up pretty close to the moon Monday night. It can be seen faintly to trhe lower right of the moon. – Stephen Dafoe Photo.


Karl Wichowski sent us these two photos.



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