Letter: Coach inspired by player who gives her all


I’d like to take a minute to highlight a player who I had the pleasure of coaching this season. She inspires me and her teammates every time she steps on the ice. Haiden Currie was born visually impaired. She does not let her vision hold her back from pursuing her dreams and is always up for a challenge. Her attitude is inspirational and I have no doubt she will live a full life chasing her dreams and never letting up.

She plays as an underage player on the first female U15 team in Sturgeon Hockey Club. Nobody would ever know that she is visually impaired as she is an absolute force every time she hits the ice. She works twice as hard as any player I’ve seen and never gives up on the puck. She has to rely mostly on her other senses and her teammates talking to her.

I’ve watched her excel in other sports and continue to challenge herself to reach new achievements. She won third overall in cross-country running this past year, and it was also the first year she ran it without an aid. She was twice as challenged through all the rolling hills and treed course, but that clearly did not slow her down.

I held a shooting challenge on our team, and Haiden won it by a landslide. She was out in her backyard every chance she had working on her shot. She would ask her brother to come out and help her, guilt him into it when needed. She was determined to win the challenge and her shot, which she definitely did.

She shows care and compassion for her teammates and is one of the most coachable players I’ve had on my bench yet. She shows everyone respect, and even when she’s been frustrated, she tries to hide it so as to not burden anyone.

Haiden Currie is a shining star and will continue to turn heads, impact those she meets and continue to play the game she loves and excel at it. In 18 games playing as an underage, she has two goals and seven assists. I’m excited to see her continue to shine brightly in a world that could normally be so dim for others in her position.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Jen Lockridge – Sturgeon Fillies Head Coach

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  1. What an absolute lovely write up. This is such an awesome team and the support and camaraderie is amazing Well done team and coaches. Way to go Haiden

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