Sturgeon Brewing Company visits Heritage Lodge to sample beer with seniors

Above: Sturgeon Brewing Company owners Kerry Lamoureux and Josh Watson pose with some of the Heritage Lodge residents who came out to learn about how beer is made and to sample some of the locally-brewed products. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

Heritage Lodge resident Anne Peters enjoying some of Sturgeon Brewing Company’s beer. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Heritage Lodge residents celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little early when Sturgeon Brewing Company owners Josh Watson and Kerry Lamoureux dropped by to talk to the residents about beer and let them sample some locally-brewed products on Monday, Mar. 13.

Homeland Housing Activities Coordinator Courtney Farmer invited the local brewers after her father suggested the seniors might like to experience a beer tasting. 

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to try with the residents,” Farmer said. “I was going to do it on my own, but my dad suggested we get them [Sturgeon Brewing] to come in and do it with us. I think it’s good for the community to see the collaboration.”

Sturgeon co-owner Kerry Lamoureux said they were happy to come out and talk beer with residents. “It’s a way to come out and help out in the community,” he said. 

Watson and Lamoureux started Sturgeon Brewing Company in the spring of 2020, right at the start of the Pandemic. The two owners talked to seniors about their company, the history of beer, how they get their ingredients and how they make their beer, including a couple of special ones: Saturday Morning Cartoons, which used waffles and syrup, and their Anniversary Beer, which used entire sheet cakes. 

The two brewers didn’t bring any of their more offbeat beers to Heritage Lodge, instead bringing four of their popular beers for seniors to try. These included the brewery’s Combine Cream Ale, Raspberry Cream Ale, Boots on the Ground Indian Pale Ale, and Dark Mild, an approachable dark beer with only 3.4% alcohol by volume. Watson explained to residents that Dark Mild had a cult following and had been well-received at beer festivals. 

The first beer sampled was Sturgeon’s, Raspberry Cream Ale. 

Heritage Lodge resident Wilhelm Kungl said he liked the raspberry-flavoured beer. “It doesn’t taste like beer,” he noted of the unique flavour. “It tastes like a fruity drink.” 

Fellow resident Anne Peters also liked the beer. “I wouldn’t want too much of it,” she said, chuckling.” 

After sampling all four beers, the residents decided that the Combine Cream Ale took first place and the Raspberry Cream Ale took second place. 

Sturgeon Brewing Company are located on 100 Street in Morinville. They are open Thursday through Sunday. 

Sturgeon Brewing Company owners Kerry Lamoureux and Josh Watson with Heritage Lodge resident Wilhelm Kungl, who was enjoying some of their Raspberry Cream Ale. – Stephen Dafoe Photo


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