MFGA hosts awards night

photos by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Fish & Game Association (MFGA) Big Game Awards were presented on Friday night.

In previous years, the annual awards were part of the association’s annual Brag Night Wild Game Supper. MFGA Trophy Chair Don McLaughlin said the new format is to honour individuals who harvested animals over the past year and entered them for award consideration.

There were entries in five categories this year, including a new trophy for an entry in the Pronghorn. That trophy went to Brian Mullen.

New for MFGA this year was a Big Hunter of the Year award. Qualification was based on the Alberta Book. Brian Mullen’s antelope earned him the Big Game Hunter of the Year for MFGA. The antelope scored 72 Boone & Crockett, at 90% of the Book Minimum (80).

In the White Tail Deer Typical category, Mike Duby took the award with a Boone and Crockett score of 137 1/8, 85.75% of Book Minimums (160).

In the Mule Deer category, the award went to Paul Mullen, with a B&C score of 136 6/8, at 75.8% of the Book Minimum (180).

Brian Mullen was awarded the trophy for Pronghorn by Trophy Chair Don McLachlin.


Elk Trophy winner Gordon Suprovich.


Moose Trophy winner Blake Trithart with the trophy presented by Trophy Chair Don McLachlin.


Mule Deer Paul Mullen with the trophy presented by Trophy Chair Don McLachlin.


WT Deer Typical Award Mike Duby with the trophy presented by Don McLachlin.


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