Our Morinville: The Week in Photos


Aspen House & Aspen Villa Recreation Manager Beverley Primeau hosted an Ice Cream Social for the Aspen House residents on Friday. Residents Susan Simmons and Andy Ferguson are in charge of the new Aspen Stop And Shop and were busy selling items to the many assembled in the living room area. – Lucie Roy Photo

Aspen House also launched the Aspen House mascot on Friday. After the reveal, residents gathered to think of names for the mascot and vote on them. The mascot’s name was not yet revealed. – Lucie Roy Photo

The Knit Wits Spinning Yarns group gets together every Tuesday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Morinville Community Library. The group gets together to work on individual projects in a group setting. – Stephen Dafoe Photo


The Morinville Fish & Game Association (MFGA) Big Game Awards were presented on Friday night. Brian Mullen was awarded the trophy for Pronghorn by Trophy Chair Don McLachlin. – Lucie Roy Photo


Elk Trophy winner Gordon Suprovich. – Lucie Roy Photo


Moose Trophy winner Blake Trithart with the trophy presented by Trophy Chair Don McLachlin. – Lucie Roy Photo


Mule Deer Paul Mullen with the trophy presented by Trophy Chair Don McLachlin. – Lucie Roy Photo


WT Deer Typical Award Mike Duby with the trophy presented by Don McLachlin. – Lucie Roy Photo


A bevy of buzzards landed on a lawn across from Notre Dame School on Friday night, 24 March. For those driving by there on Saturday, March 25, it was an opportunity to honk your horn to wish someone a Happy Birthday. – Lucie Roy Photo

Friday night’s moon was in its waxing crescent phase at 9.25% illumination. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Monday night’s moon was at 35% illumination. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Thursday’s moon was bright overhead and waxing gibbous at 63% illumination. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Long exposure shot of Monday night’s sky above Morinville – Stephen Dafoe Photo

A house sparrow sits on the branch of a lilac tree. – Stephen Dafoe Photo


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