Alberta Chief Firearms Officer issues statement on firearms program

by Morinville Online Staff

Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant has spoken out against the federal government’s plans to implement a firearms confiscation program. In a statement released Wednesday, Bryant stated that the proposed program has nothing to do with public safety and instead targets firearms used for hunting and sport shooting while ignoring those used for illegal purposes.

“From the beginning, it has been evident that the federal government’s initiatives on firearms have had nothing to do with public safety,” Bryant said. “This proposed confiscation program is no exception.”

She also expressed concern about the severe social and economic consequences of the buyback proposal on the Canadian firearms industry, which has provided thousands of well-paying jobs for decades.

Bryant highlighted the federal government’s freeze on millions of dollars’ worth of inventory belonging to firearms businesses in May 2020, which has deprived them of their most saleable products. She also noted that the proposed ban on almost all modern and many traditionally styled hunting and sporting firearms has made it difficult for firearms businesses to get the few products they were still allowed to sell.

Bryant called on the federal government to reverse its punitive measures against the firearms community and allow businesses to sell their inventory to carefully vetted Canadians.

Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro expressed his support for the firearms community earlier in the week, stating that anyone employed to confiscate guns would require a license from the province, something included in the UCP government’s Bill 8, the Alberta Firearms Act.

The Alberta government’s stance on the issue comes amidst a heated debate surrounding the federal government’s proposed gun control measures. While proponents of the measures argue that they are necessary to reduce gun violence, opponents claim that they unfairly target law-abiding gun owners and will have little impact on crime rates.

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  1. More children’s deaths occurs by bullets than car accidents south of our borders.this government wants American style gun laws.why…..

    • We aren’t the USA. Nobody in Canada is trying to create similar laws to the USA. You’re just fear mongering.

  2. Concerns about the firearms industry??where are the concerns about children’s lives.

    • Good point. What part of the liberals numerous gun control laws help protect children?

  3. Canadians have always had good strong gun laws before Trudeau. Why the majority of gun crimes are done with illegal guns and not legally owned ones.

  4. Why are military grade weapons being sold to the public and what purpose are they purchased for? Target shooting?

  5. Oh sure, let’s keep selling weapons used by militaries and militia’s across the world to the public. Very cool. My god the stupidity. Hunt with a hunting rifle like a normal person. The ya’ll-qaeda mentality is outdated and sad.

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