Editorial: Three cheers for Kal and Coach’s Corner

We’d be remiss if we did not take a moment to recognize Kal McDonald and his staff at Coach’s Corner in Morinville for their outstanding contribution to the community, not just in providing a welcoming atmosphere and delicious food but also for their impressive charitable efforts.

For many years, Coach’s Corner has been a hub for sports enthusiasts, families, and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

But beyond that, Kal and his team have generously given back to the community by supporting various local causes.

The annual Santa auction is the most notable example of this, raising $26,000 for the Midstream Support Society this past year. That number was $8,645 (50%) higher than the $17,355 raised in 2021.

The Lions Club’s Meat Draws have also become beloved traditions, raising thousands of dollars for Lions initiatives. There are of course, other events and initiatives hosted there. In fact, the recent Morinville Fish and Game Brag Night received two pieces of Coach’s Corner memorabilia put up for auction.

These efforts have touched the lives of many individuals and families, and they serve as an example of what can be accomplished when a business goes above and beyond to make a positive impact on its community.

Under Kal’s leadership, Coach’s Corner has become a pillar of the community by providing a space for socialization and enjoyment and actively giving back in meaningful ways. His dedication to supporting local causes and his willingness to contribute his time and resources to help others have earned him and his team widespread respect and admiration.

As Kal moves on to new adventures and challenges, we want to express our gratitude for his years of dedicated service and inspiring charitable efforts. We are confident that his talent, energy, and spirit will continue to bring success and happiness wherever he goes.

To the new owners of Coach’s Corner, we offer our warmest congratulations and best wishes for continued success in the years to come.

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  1. Great person, great place, great food! ….oh! Did I say great person?

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