Rock of Ages rocked

Above: Rock star Stacee Jaxx (Corben Moore) performs before the fans in Tuesday’s matinee performance of Rock of Ages: Youth Edition. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Rock of Ages main characters Sherrie (Sophia Bazos) shown centre, talks to Drew (Braiden Carter) – Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

The cast of rock of Ages: Youth Edition take their pose at the end of the show. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Several months of effort paid off for Camilla School’s Drama program over two days and three shows of Rock of Ages: Youth Edition. The musical brought classic 1980s rock songs to the stage to tell the story of fame and romance.

Rock of Ages: Youth Edition is set in Los Angelas in 1987 and tells the story of country girl Sherrie (a small town girl) and Drew (from South Detroit). Both have come to Los Angelas to chase their dreams.

The roughly 90-minute show brought together a large cast of students to fill a large number of roles with some students performing songs from 20 different classic rock and hair metal bands for the three shows.

Director and Camilla teacher Chris Layton said he gave the performers the list of songs back in December and encouraged them to learn the lyrics over the Christmas break.

“We’ve been at it a couple of hours every week. We have two casts, so one would come on Tuesdays, and one would come on Wednesdays,” Layton said. “As it moved to April, we moved that to two a week, and we also added Saturdays and then some Sundays. The kids who were the main cast were giving up recess. The number of hours that went into this thing, I can’t even fathom it.”

But the total hours, whatever they were paid off in applause and appreciation from the audience. Morinville Online attended the Tuesday afternoon matinee performance for area schools and parents, and the applause was consistently enthusiastic throughout the show.

“These kids have worked so hard, and they love these songs,” Layton said of the students’ enthusiasm for the material. “They love these songs. Some musicals, the songs are all new, but these are songs that their parents listen to. They are songs that they now run around the hall singing these songs I’m just proud as punch that they’re listening to the music that I grew up with and loving it.”

Layton went on to say that ticket sales for Rock of Ages were triple the tickets sold for the school’s last production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Above: Cast members perform one of the many choreography pieces in the show. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Below is a gallery of photos from Tuesday’s matinee performance of Rock of Ages: Youth Edition.

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  1. What an awesome show these kids put on! They put their whole heart and soul into it. We loved every minute of this production.

  2. They worked so hard and did such an amazing job! Huge thank you to Mr Layton for making this awesome experience happen for these kids!

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