Letter: System-generated error found on Morinville 2023 Tax Notices. All tax notices being re-printed and re-mailed

Since mailing tax notices last week, the Town of Morinville has identified a system-generated error that resulted in an inaccurate amount owing showing on tax notices. At this time, we are unsure how many notices were affected. Staff are working to reprint and reissue all tax notices. They will be reprinted on coloured paper. We ask property owners to disregard the first notice.

Please accept our apology for this error and inconvenience.

Town of Morinville

Editor’s Note: Morinville Online has learned new tax notices will be printed on blue paper. 

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  1. Well done. The IT department messes up and again the taxpayers are on the hook. How much does this cost in postage? $2000, $3000, more? Remember these things when you see your taxes go up every single year.

    • That you think this is related to IT shows how woefully little you understand of the process. Maybe consider that before you place blame.

  2. Maybe it isn’t the IT department. But somebody made a mistake. This has never been an issue before. If there were systems issues, then a few test notices should have been developed to make sure all was ok. The point of my first reply is that this is a many thousands of dollars mistake that was preventable with some due diligence.

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