Successful Summer Reading Program coming to a close

Morinville Community Library Program coordinator Jessica Sheppard poses with the A Grand Adventure Summer Reading Program mascot. The successful program comes to an end this Friday.

by Stephen Dafoe

The Morinville Community Library’s (MCL) A Grand Adventure Summer Reading Program ends this week, and organizers are planning to wrap up their fun-filled summer of dragons, monsters and fairies with a picnic in the park and some outdoor games.

The wrap-up occurs on Friday, Aug. 11, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Morinville Fish and Game Association Pond.

Morinville Community Library Program Coordinator Jessica Sheppard said the library has had an astronomical response to this year’s Summer Reading Program.

“Our attendance and overall stats have quadrupled since last year, and we’re incredibly thankful for everyone who has participated,” Sheppard said. “It’s been amazing to see patrons engaged and enjoying themselves, and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know them, learning about their favourite books, and interacting with them in person.”

Sheppard credits the MCL team with the success of this summer’s Grand Adventure program.

“Every single staff member has contributed to helping out with the smooth running of this program, whether it be covering for programming staff, helping out with crafts and events, doing an incredible job marketing our programs and events, or ordering in and recommending books for patrons to read,” Sheppard said. “We are also incredibly lucky to have four teen volunteers who have dedicated their Mondays and Wednesdays to helping programming staff with crafts and events, and their hard work and dedication to the Summer Reading Program this year has helped us tremendously. We would not have been as successful without them.”

Sheppard credits community members as well, noting every individual who has interacted with the program in some way or who has spread information, reposted our social media posts, or told their friends about our activities has been integral in the success of this year’s program.

“We can wholeheartedly say that the sheer amount of engagement from the public this year has been the most surprising thing this year,” Sheppard said. “We are so thankful to be able to see regulars coming in every week and to have met new patrons and their families.”

Sheppard invites Summer Reading Program members and the community out for one final Grand Adventure to cap the six weeks of fun they have run for the community.

“We will be giving out freezies and snacks, and it is 100 per cent free to attend,” Sheppard said. “It will also be our last program before fall programs start in September, so it would be wonderful to see everyone before school starts. Come on out and celebrate our success and enjoy an evening of fun.”

Before participating in activities, participants will need a permission form, available at the library and the library’s web site, signed by a parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must accompany children seven years old and younger.

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