Coming up at Town Council

by Morinville Online Staff

Morinville Town Council is set to convene on Tuesday, September 12, for its first regular meeting of the month. Several items will be discussed. Among the topics on the agenda, three key issues stand out, each with its unique significance for the town and its residents.

1. Grandin Drive and Hwy 642 Signalization Project:

One of the most significant items on the agenda is the proposal to approve an amendment to the 2023 Capital Budget. This amendment seeks to allocate $650,000 for the Grandin Drive and Hwy 642 signalization project. The funding for this project will come from Transportation Off-Site Levy Reserves and Provincial Grant Funds.

The background to this project is rooted in Morinville’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents and businesses, as outlined in the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. The Grandin and Hwy 642 intersection has been a cause for concern due to pedestrian and traffic safety issues. After conducting a thorough functional planning study, the recommendation is to install traffic signals at the intersection. The Province has committed to funding 60% of the project, pending the Town’s approval and commitment to their share.

The proposed scope of the project includes engineering design, utility coordination, traffic signal installation, road adjustments, and more. The benefits of signalization are numerous, including improved pedestrian safety, reduced traffic congestion, and an overall enhancement of public safety.

2. Fleet Policy Report:

Another item up for discussion is the Fleet Policy Report. This report aims to provide clarity on the town’s approach to managing its fleet and equipment. Morinville relies on a diverse fleet of vehicles and equipment to efficiently deliver essential services. The Fleet Policy sets out a framework for when and how fleet and equipment are replaced, with a focus on minimizing lifecycle costs and ensuring reliability.

The report highlights the importance of maintaining a reliable fleet for time-sensitive services like fire emergencies, sewer backups, and snow clearing. It also discusses the optimal replacement periods for various types of vehicles and equipment. Delaying replacements beyond these periods can result in increased operating costs, refurbishments, breakdowns, and more significant demands on the budget and maintenance staff.

Some members of Council have questioned how often fleet vehicles are replaced, and with budget to be discussed in the coming weeks, the report is timely.

3. Notice of Motion from Councillor Stephen Dafoe:

Councillor Stephen Dafoe will bring forward a notice of motion regarding business licensing requirements. He proposes to maintain these requirements while removing the annual fee for residents and non-residents operating home-based or brick-and-mortar businesses in Morinville. This motion aims to support local businesses and potentially reduce financial burdens on entrepreneurs.

The motion, if passed, will prompt Administration to return to Council during the budget process with a comprehensive plan. This plan will include an assessment of fiscal impacts, alternative funding mechanisms, and any necessary changes to existing bylaws or ordinances.

The upcoming Morinville Town Council takes place on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 4 p.m. at Town Hall, and as always, is open to the public.

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  1. A traffic circle or roundabout should go at 642 and Grandin.(I’m Not sure of the difference). It moves more traffic faster than lights and accidents are way less severe as ALL vehicles will be slowing down as they enter. People will learn how to use them soon enough. (If licensed, you should already know) By the way, I’m currently in Portugal, and they are EVERYWHERE. Lg ones small ones and ones that have only a big dot of paint with circular arrows indicating traffic directions.

    On the vehicles side of things. What type of preventative maintenance process/program do we have. Do the operators of the various pieces even know where the dipstick is and how to check it, to name only one small part of driver maintenance. What does oil change schedule look like? Do we do repairs in-house or pay full retail for repairs?
    On business licenses. I never had an issue with paying a hundred dollars for the 20 yrs I ran my business. There was a time thought that the lions share of that money was shared with the Chamber of Commerce, and they included business in their directory as did the town. So we felt like we got something for it. ……… know……..the town and Chamber working together to support business! Crazy I know.

    Didn’t know I had so much to say till I started typing!

  2. Fast track that intersection signal light project!!!! I watched a refuse truck have to stop in the middle of the intersection because an irresponsible student thought it was a good idea to walk out on the force field crosswalk as it was going through. These individuals do not think!

  3. Joe, time to brush up on vehicle maintenance and repair. There’s a lot more to fleet maintenance / management than checking the oil. Things have changed and are constantly evolving. I’ve been in the heavy equipment industry for along time and it’s very different than when I started. Don’t get me started on check engine lights and emissions faults.

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