Morinville Council’s Upcoming Meeting: Key Agenda Items

by Staff

Council’s next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 24, 2023, is set to have several agenda items. The meeting, open to the public, will be held at 4 p.m., and the following items will be addressed:

1. Deputy Mayor Appointment:

  • The first order of business involves appointing Councillor Jenn Anheliger as Deputy Mayor for the period of October 24, 2023, to June 25, 2024. In Morinville, Deputy Mayors rotate, with each of the six council members taking an eight-month term, during which they chair committee of the whole meetings and step in for the mayor when necessary. This role carries important responsibilities, making this appointment a crucial one for the community’s leadership.

2. Waste Management Bylaw Updates:

  • An essential item on the agenda is a proposed update to the Waste Management Bylaw. The revision is deemed necessary to align with the new collection service contract that is set to commence on January 1, 2024. The updates include:
  • Extending the timeframes for when waste carts can be placed and left out on the curb.
  • Moving the list of acceptable and restricted garbage items into Schedule B, alongside the acceptable and restricted lists for compost, recycling, and large item pickup.
  • Inclusion of provisions regarding the new large item pickup service starting in 2024.
  • Clarification of the rules for the proper placement of carts.
  • Updates to the section on landfill disposal passes to clarify eligibility.
  • Inclusion of provisions regarding non-compliance with the Bylaw.
  • Inclusion of provisions outlining the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) authority.

Administration indicates the changes are designed to improve waste management in Morinville and align with the town’s sustainability goals and strategic priorities.

3. Strategic Plan Progress Report:

  • The Council will also review and accept the Town of Morinville T2 Strategic Plan Progress Report for 2023 as information. This report is essential to gauge the progress made in implementing the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, which was approved by Council in May 2022. The Strategic Plan serves as a decision-making framework guiding the use of the town’s resources and the delivery of core services and programs.

The progress report will update the Council on the achievements and outcomes aligned with the Strategic Plan from May to August 2023, while also highlighting day-to-day operations and participation in significant initiatives.

4. Community Grant and Support Policy Approval:

  • The Council will vote on the proposed Community Grant and Support Policy. This new policy combines and refines the existing Community Grant and Sponsorship Policies. The policy aims to provide equitable, efficient, transparent, and sustainable frameworks for allocating funds to not-for-profit community groups, teams, organizations, residents, and others for community development purposes. The policy includes a provision for $5,000 to address emergent needs outside of regular intake application deadlines. For 2024, a total of $30,000 is proposed to support the policy, with $25,000 allocated to Community Grant and $5,000 to Support Grant.

5. Received Letter Regarding Cardiff Road Interchange:

  • Lastly, the Council received a letter regarding the future Cardiff Road interchange. The letter outlines the need for technical and design information related to a roundabout at the 100 Street and Cardiff Road intersection. The letter also mentions a potential grant funding opportunity under the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP). It provides an update on the Highway 2 bridge repairs and signal timing at 100 Street/100 Avenue and commits to sharing information on the maintenance of the field area near the stockpile and town sign.

Council will also hold its annual organizational meeting where council will be assigned their various committee and board appointments that are part of their council work and duties.

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  1. Morinville is my home town; I grew up in Morinville from 1979-1990; and look forward to calling this jewel of a town my home again.

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