Annual Large Item Pickup officially part of 2024 waste collection

Morinville waste management contract

by Colin Smith

An annual large item pickup will be provided to Morinville residents on June 11 and 12, 2024, under the terms of the new Waste Management Bylaw.

The bylaw was passed Tuesday, Dec. 12, after second and third readings by council.

Residential households will be able to dispose of two large items during town-scheduled collections by GFL Environment Inc., which was awarded the municipal waste management contract earlier this year.

The items to be picked up must weigh less than 200 lbs. and measure less than six feet by three feet.

They will need to be clearly marked for pickup and put out near the customary cart pickup locations.

Large items that can be disposed of will include appliances, electronics, furniture, sinks and toilets, lawnmowers and snow blowers, and mattresses and box springs.

Not acceptable are fridges and freezers, car parts, concrete, household hazardous waste and extra garbage.

The Waste Management Bylaw governs solid waste collection, including garbage, compost and recycling, and outlines town services and resident responsibilities.

Changes incorporated in it include an extension of the timeframes in which the waste containers may be placed and left out on the curb.

Carts can set out at the collection point at 4 p.m. on the night before the collection day and no later than 7 a.m. on the day itself.

Also included are specific requirements for proper placement of and storage of carts.

Rules around passes for Roseridge Landfill, which are available to everyone with a utility account that is active and in good standing, have been clarified

Every person with a pass may dispose of an annual limit of 2,500 kg of extra solid waste at the landfill, with the amount taken charged for through the utility bill. Excess of that amount will be charged at commercial rates. As Roseridge has a minimum charge of 125 kg per trip, those smaller trips will count towards the cumulative 2,500 kg total.

The bylaw now includes compliance provisions stating that waste collection rates apply “even if no waste is set out for collection, the home is vacant, collection services were not received due to non-compliance, collection services have been suspended due to non-compliance with this bylaw.”

The bylaw’s Schedule B sets out what is acceptable and non-acceptable for recycling materials, organic materials and large-term pickup materials as well as restricted solid waste materials.

Infrastructure Services Manager Jordan Betteridge told council the list of had been reviewed by Roseridge Landfill, for waste and compost, and GFL Environmental, for recycling and large items, and that they were satisfied with it.

He also noted that Sobey’s had been removed as a drop-off for film plastic.

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