Coming Up At Council

compiled by Staff

Morinville Town Council will meet for its second regular meeting of the month on Tuesday, Feb. 27. at 4:30 p.m.  Below is a summary of items for discussion and debate.

Land Use Bylaw 6/2024, Juniper Heights Stage 9

The upcoming Council meeting will focus on a public hearing as well as the potential second and third reading of the proposed Land Use Bylaw 6/2024, aiming to redistrict a portion of land in Juniper Heights from Single Detached Compact Residential (R-1B) to Residential Mixed Form (R-X) District.

The amendment, covering approximately 2.40 hectares, intends to accommodate compact development with various dwelling types while aligning with the Juniper Heights Area Structure Plan (ASP).

Administration recommends both 2nd and 3rd readings of the bylaw, highlighting its adherence to higher-level planning policies.

If approved, updates to the Land Use District Map will follow. This recommendation follows Council’s previous approval of the 1st reading of the bylaw in February 2024, marking a step towards realizing the proposed redistricting.

Council Remuneration Review

The Council Remuneration Review will present Council with findings from a recent third-party assessment, complying with the Council Remuneration Policy CP194/2022.

The report recommends the establishment of a Council Remuneration Review Committee comprised of residents to assess the findings and policy, aligning with market standards while considering fiscal prudence and governance transparency.

The review conducted by Hillcrest Financial indicates that Morinville’s current remuneration rates for Mayor and Councillors fall below the 50th percentile of comparable municipalities.

The proposal suggests community engagement through the Committee to ensure fair compensation reflective of civic responsibilities.

If approved, subsequent steps include forming the Committee, reviewing recommendations, and potential adjustments to remuneration, impacting future budget planning.  Alternatives to committee formation are presented, highlighting the benefits of community engagement and unbiased review processes.

2023 Community Bus Pilot Project February

The Community Bus Pilot Project, initiated to address the transportation needs of Morinville residents, particularly seniors and individuals with limited mobility options, concluded its operations in December 2023. The report to be presented to Council on February 27, 2024, recommends accepting the findings of the pilot project, highlighting its successful completion and the Council’s decision to incorporate the Morinville Community Bus into the 2024 Operating budget.

The project, which began in April 2023 and received a 3-month extension, aimed to provide bookable educational, social, and service access excursions primarily catering to seniors, along with group rentals. The project saw favourable participation from residents, with positive feedback regarding service quality and affordability.

The financial summary indicates a net surplus, demonstrating the project’s viability. Council’s previous actions, including approval of the 2024 Operating budget and directives to proceed with the pilot project, align with community-building and financial stewardship goals.

Looking ahead, the reinstatement of the Community Bus in the 2024 budget seeks to further enhance social connectivity and accessibility for Morinville residents, with planned excursions catering to diverse demographics.

We will have coverage of the Feb. 27 meeting later this week.

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