Alberta RCMP reminds motorcyclists to stay safe this riding season

by Staff

Each month, Alberta RCMP and their traffic partners take an educational focus from the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar. May’s focus is motorcycle safety.

With motorcycle season around the corner, Alberta RCMP reminds riders and other motorists to watch out for one another on roadways, encouraging motorcyclists to adopt safe driving behaviours to reduce collision risks.

“May is often the beginning of riding season and a good time to be extra cautious if you’re out on your bike,” said Sergeant Darrin Turnbull, Alberta RCMP Traffic. “Last May we saw 38 motorcyclists involved in a collision. As motorcyclists make their way back onto roadways, we all need to pay closer attention to one another on the roads to ensure everyone gets to their destination safely. If you’re in a vehicle, make sure to complete a full check before turning or changing lanes to ensure a smaller vehicle or motorcycle is not in your way.’’

Alberta RCMP say 280 motorcyclists and passengers were involved in a collision in 2023. Of those, 213 were injured, 18 fatally so.

RCMP offers the following  safety tips for motorcyclists:

  • Check it before you wreck it! Before getting on a bike, always do a pre-ride check. Look at your fluids, tires, lights/signals, chains, and overall condition of the motorcycle. Refer to the Alberta Transportation Rider’s Guide for a checklist.
  • Gear up! Both riders and passengers must wear helmets that meet safety requirements and show the date of manufacture. Wearing a proper coat, pants, boots that cover the ankles, gloves, and shatter-proof eyewear, also improve safety and reduce the risk of injuries in the event of a collision. Replace a helmet that has been damaged, and avoid buying a used one. A used helmet may have been involved in a crash and could be damaged in ways that are not obvious.
  • Stay bright and in sight! Being small, it’s important for motorcycles to stay in sight of larger vehicles and avoid blind spots. Wearing high visibility jackets and helmets, such as orange, yellow and white colours, instantly draws other motorists’ eyes to you.
  • Heads up! Not only can excess debris and sand from the winter months affect tire traction and motorcycle handling, but loose gravel or rocks may be unexpectedly thrown by other vehicles. Maintain a safe following distance to avoid flying debris.
  • Mind your manners! Speeding in and out of traffic on a motorcycle is illegal and dangerous. Safe motorcycle handling and sharing the road responsibly ensures control and reduces the risk of collision.
  • Know your limit, ride within it! Slow down on unfamiliar roadways and do not feel that you have to keep up to other, more experienced riders.

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