Camilla School concludes its successful run of Footloose the Musical

by Stephen Dafoe

Approximately 80 students took to the stage as cast and crew for four performances of Footloose, the Musical Youth Edition, on Thursday, May 9, and Friday, May 10.

Footloose, the 1984 cult classic Kevin Bacon film, inspired the youth musical. Like the film, it tells the story of Ren McCormack, a charismatic Chicago teenager who moves to a small conservative town where dancing is prohibited. Ren’s rebellious spirit clashes with the town’s strict laws, sparking a battle that challenges the local status quo and ignites his new peers to embrace the joy of dance and self-expression. 

Before Thursday’s matinee performance, Camilla’s teacher and director, Chris Layton, said the cast was excited to start the run as ticket sales were double that of last year’s production, Rock of Ages.

“I’m so proud to be working with these hard-working kids and putting on a show for the community,” Layton said. “The Herculean effort by these kids and all the parents helping out backstage. I’ve got a team I’ll put up against anybody.”


Reverand Shaw Moore (Jake Sheehan) talks to his congregation during Camilla School’s production of Footloose the Musical – Youth Edition on Thursday, May 9. Camilla had two separate cast and crew for their four-performance run. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Ren McCormack (Corben Moore) and his mother Ethel (Abigail Munrolisten to Reverand Shaw Moore’s sermon as a parishioner looks on. Camilla School performed four shows of Footloose the Musical – Youth Edition on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

The cast of Camilla School’s Thursday production of Footloose the Musical – Youth Edition takes a bow at the end of the show’s final musical number. The school had two separate casts and crews for the four-show run. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Below is a gallery of shots from the Thursday Matinee performance:

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