Four Council motions presented dealing with sports memorabilia, SJB park condition and loose dogs

Morinville’s Centennial Fountain and SJB park was the subject of a noticesof motion presented at Council. Another notice of motion calls for a look into St. Jean Baptiste Park overall. – file photo

by Colin Smith

Morinville Council debated or presented for future debate four motions at their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 14.

Sports Memorabilia

Council supported a motion by Councillor Scott Richardson directing administration to engage with the Sturgeon Hockey Club and bring forward a report outlining options to display local sport achievements, trophies, banners, and memorabilia at the Morinville Leisure Centre.

SJB Park

Parks and dogs are other issues that Council will be dealing with in the future following the presentation of notice of three motions to be made at the May 28 meeting.

Councillor Maurice St. Denis announced he would move a motion at an upcoming meeting to have administration enter discussions with community groups on opportunities for the revitalization of St. Jean Baptiste Park, balancing the community’s desires, the park’s needs and the town’s interests.

In the first of two notices, Councillor Stephen Dafoe said he will move that council direct administration to return with a report on the current state of the Centennial Fountain, located in SJB Park, and plans to adequately maintain the fountain, including updating the plaques of the town’s mayors, with the costs of returning it to be the “the showcase it was meant to be.”

Loose dogs

Dafoe’s other planned motion is that council seek a report from administration on loose dogs and what Enforcement Services is doing about them, along with the number of fines and warnings issued in 2023.

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  1. Not only loose dogs – what about all the cats that go roaming free everywhere??

    • Exactly! There’s cats that constantly roam the hood and the owners don’t care. The only thing that keeps them away from my house is my dogg. He’s never caught one but I’m sure if he did it wouldn’t end well for the cat. Keep them contained irresponsible cat owners.

  2. I agree. I don’t have animals and yet I’m picking cat poop up in my yard. It’s not right.

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