Morinville News

Food: Greek Naan Bread Pizza with Tzatziki and Pork Meatballs

Looking for a delicious and unique twist on pizza night? This Greek-inspired naan bread pizza combines the flavours of the Mediterranean with the convenience of a quick and easy meal. Using naan bread as the crust and a creamy tzatziki sauce as the base, this pizza is topped with baked Greek pork meatballs, red onions, feta cheese, mozzarella, black olives, and red peppers. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or a fun weekend treat! […]

Arts & Culture

Decades of Dedication: Morinville Library Bidding Farewell to Longtime Staff

After two decades of dedicated service to the community, Library Manager Isabelle Cramp and Library staff member Margaret Meetsma will retire this summer, leaving a legacy of growth, creativity, and unwavering commitment. Both women have been instrumental in shaping the Library’s welcoming environment, ensuring it remains a cherished place for learning and connection. As they look forward to new adventures and well-deserved relaxation, their contributions will continue inspiring staff and patrons alike. […]