Editorial: Celebrating 15 Years of Community News: A Reflection and a Call to Action

Tomorrow marks the start of our 15th year at MorinvilleNews.com. It has been a journey filled with dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to serving Morinville and the surrounding area. Our mission has always been to provide reliable, community-focused news, and as we step into our 15th year, it is a moment to celebrate our achievements, acknowledge the challenges, and look ahead to the future of community news.

Over the past decade and a half, we have witnessed significant changes in the media landscape. The rise of digital platforms has transformed how news is consumed, and we are proud to have been at the forefront of providing community news online daily. However, the journey has been challenging.

One of the most recent pressing challenges has been the Canadian government’s introduction of Bill C-18, aimed at ensuring fair revenue sharing between tech giants and news publishers. While well-intentioned, the bill has had unintended consequences. In response, Facebook imposed a ban on news for Canadians, restricting one of our key avenues for reaching and engaging with the community. This move has highlighted the precarious position of local news outlets in the digital age, where algorithms and corporate policies can significantly impact our ability to connect with our readers.

Declining industry revenues have further compounded these challenges. The economic realities of running a local news operation mean that we have had to make difficult decisions about how our time and resources are allocated. Unlike 15 years ago, when we could attend and cover almost every event in the region, we now find ourselves needing to prioritize and streamline our coverage. This refocus has not been easy, but it is necessary to ensure that we continue to deliver quality material to our readers.

Despite these obstacles, our commitment to the Morinville community remains steadfast. We are proud of our role in keeping residents informed, engaged, and connected. From Colin Smith’s coverage of local council meetings to our focus on highlighting the achievements of community members and even the individual photos compiled in Our Morinville each week, MorinvilleNews.com strives to be a platform for local voices and local news that is positive.

As we navigate these challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of community support. Independent media thrives when backed by its community. We urge our readers to continue supporting us by subscribing to our daily no-cost email, sharing our stories (just not on Facebook), and engaging with our content. Your support is crucial to ensuring we can continue to provide the news and information that matters most to Morinville and the surrounding areas.

We are also appreciative of the team at the Free Press, who syndicate some of our content in their weekly print edition. This collaboration brings our stories to an even wider audience and is economically beneficial to the survival of both publications, especially when so many others have shut their doors.

As we celebrate 15 years of MorinvilleNews.com, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our readers, contributors, and particularly our long-standing advertisers. Your support has been the cornerstone of our existence, and we look forward to continuing to serve the community for as long as we can.

Thank you for being part of our journey.


Stephen Dafoe

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  1. Thank you Morinville News for providing coverage for the Town of Morinville and all that happens in it. In a society that makes it challenging to find good unbiased news coverage as well as editorials that are clearly identified as opinions, I truly appreciate the hard work put into this publication given the ever diminishing revenues in journalism. Again, thank you for what you do.
    Ray White

  2. Love getting the news while it’s still news!!

    ……..wait…….someone should use that as a tag line…..

    Congratulations and a Heart felt thanks too.

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