Morinville Library Launching Space-Themed Summer Reading Program

Morinville Community Library Program Coordinator Jessica Sheppard holds a couple of the alien crafts likely to make a landing during Galactic Readers, the Library’s space-themed Summer Reading Program. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

The Morinville Community Library is launching an exciting space-themed summer reading program, Galactic Readers, a six-week event designed to ignite a love for reading in all age groups.

The summer reading program begins on July 2 and runs until August 11. A mini summer reading program provides additional extended activities from August 12 to 24.

As was the case last year, this year’s program encourages participants to track their reading minutes online with Beanstack. The challenge is to read and record 900 minutes and do several largely at-home activities in the program.

“It is a space theme, so kids that enjoy space will like it,” said Morinville Community Library Program Coordinator Jessica Sheppard. “All of our crafts are centred around space as well.”

Participants are assigned one of four teams: Team Andromeda, Team Cosmos, Team Milky Way, or Team Orion. These teams will compete to see which can log the most reading minutes and individual tallies.

Sheppard highlights the importance of summer reading in cultivating a consistent reading habit, particularly among children.

“The reason why we think that it’s important for people, not just kids, but all ages to do summer reading is it gets you the habit of reading consistently,” Sheppard said.  “Obviously, that’s important for children because it gives them an idea of what routine is. It also encourages them through a mildly competitive way to continue reading. Getting into the habit of reading more enhances their language skills and all of that good stuff.”

With the goal of 900 minutes, participants face a substantial reading challenge, but Sheppard notes that the program offers various incentives and activity badges to keep them engaged.

Additionally, the Library plans to introduce team prizes and continue with its drop-in craft activities.

“This year, we will be doing Kids Craft one day and then Teen/Adult Crafts a different day,” Sheppard said.

The Morinville Community Library hopes people will take part in the program again this summer. For more details, visit the Morinville Community Library in person or online at



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