New Repair Shop Offers Expert Service for Commercial Vehicles

RT Heavy Duty Repair Mechanic Adam Gnauck works on a vehicle in the business’ Sturgeon County shop. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

RT Heavy Duty Repair Mechanic Adam Gnauck stands outside the company’s Sturgeon County shop. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

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In the demanding world of commercial transport, the reliability of a business’ fleet is crucial. RT Heavy Duty Repair, a new company dedicated to maintaining and repairing commercial vehicles, understands this well. Located in Sturgeon County, RT Heavy Duty Repair is quickly making a name for itself with its personalized service and expert mechanics.

The shop, owned by RT Septic owners Rick and Tammy Tipple, opened on April 29th and specializes in commercial vehicle inspection work, preventative maintenance, and repairs. Co-owner Tammy Tipple explained the motivation behind starting the business: “We have our own fleet of school buses that need inspections every six months. It just made sense to have Adam Gnauck as part of our team and offer outside work.”

Gnauck, a seasoned mechanic with 22 years of experience, leads the team at RT Heavy Duty Repair. “I treat customers’ vehicles as if they were my own,” Gnauck shared. “I’m not here to turn an oil change into a $3,000 two-week job. I make sure the trucks are safe and roadworthy, but I’m not here to bankrupt customers.”

RT Heavy Duty Repair’s commitment to quality and customer service sets it apart from larger shops. “We can focus more on the customers,” Gnauck said. “At a dealership, you’re just a number. We can typically deal with the customer the same day or the following day.”

The shop’s services include standard oil changes, greases, and repairs for various commercial vehicles, including RVs and transport trucks.

Additionally, RT Heavy Duty Repair offers advanced diagnostic computer programming, using J Pro and Cummins systems, to perform comprehensive engine and transmission work. This technology allows for precise diagnostics and efficient repairs, ensuring vehicles are back on the road quickly and safely.

Gnauck emphasized the importance of regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs: “A lot of it is lack of maintenance. Guys will drive it until the wheel falls off, and then it’s a big job. Keep up on maintenance, and you find the small stuff before it becomes a week-long job.”

RT Heavy Duty Repair’s reputation is already growing, thanks in large part to Gnauck’s expertise. “Our mechanic is amazing,” Tammy Tipple said. “We had a customer come in; a few people had looked at their truck and couldn’t figure it out. Adam figured it out in six minutes. He’s just amazing.”

With a 9000-square-foot shop, RT Heavy Duty Repair is well-equipped to handle various commercial vehicle needs. Their focus on customer service and quick turnaround times make them an attractive option for local businesses.

For those looking for reliable and efficient service for their heavy-duty vehicles, RT Heavy Duty Repair offers a combination of expertise and personal attention that is hard to beat. As Gnauck aptly put it, “Good work and service is our priority.”

For more information, visit RT Heavy Duty Repair online at or call or text 780-722-1644 to schedule an appointment.

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