Coming up at Council June 25

compiled by Staff

Morinville Town Council will meet for its second last meeting before the summer break. Below is an overview of matters on the agenda for discussion and/or decision.


Council is scheduled to receive a Government of Alberta Update from the Honourable Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape

Reduction, and MLA for St. Albert-Morinville. Council will also receive a presentation from Community Services Advisory Committee Chair Holly Hughes on a Community Needs Assessment. A presentation on the Municipal Development Plan Update is also scheduled from a B. Murray, Project Manager of B&A Studios.

New Deputy Mayor

Councillor Rebecca Balanko is set to be sworn in as Deputy Mayor for the next eight months. Each four-year council term sees councillors rotating through the position, which is required under the Municipal Government Act.

Mobile Vendor Bylaw

The Mobile Vendor Bylaw, which has had first and second reading will have its public hearing and move forward for third reading. The bylaw would regulate specifically when, where and how mobile vendors, particularly food trucks can operate, and would prohibit them on 100 Street and Avenue excepting in connection with festivals or special events with a road closure.

Utility Bylaws Update

Council is being asked to provide second reading of the Utility Bylaws Update, which it brings it in line with changes in higher orders of government regulations.

Committee of the Whole

Council has a large number of items in its Committee of the Whole, previously a separate evening meeting, but now folded into its two regular meetings each month.

CAO Narayan will provide an update on the Morinville Emergency Management Agency Report. Administration will present on Councillor Stephen Dafoe’s previous motion to get a report on what the Town of Morinville is doing on loose dogs and cats in town, and Community Services Manager Jennifer Potocnik will give a report on Community and Support Grant Funding Applications to date.

Council will also have an overview and discussion on the 2025 Budget Kick-Off Follow-up Discussion and Edmonton Global Chair, Mayor Simon Boersma will discuss Edmonton Global.

Notices of Motion

Councillor Ray White has four notices of motion to present and debate. They are as follows:

“That Council direct Administration to change the Capital Plan/Budget by

moving the replacement of the Infrastructure services Building from 2027 to 2029. The savings that will result will be put into road and sidewalk


“That Council direct Administration to change the Capital Plan/Budget to do road and sidewalk rehabilitation on 101 street from 99 avenue to 96 avenue in 2026.”

“That Council direct Administration to change the Capital Plan/Budget to do road and sidewalk rehabilitation on 98 Avenue from 100 Street to 102 Street in 2026.”

“That Council direct Administration to change the Capital Plan/Budget to do road and sidewalk rehabilitation on 97 Avenue from 100 street to 102 street in 2026.”

Other Matters

With only one regularly-scheduled meeting of Council left before their summer break, Council has yet to see a triennial report this year, meaning that Council has not seen any financials for the municipality ahead of kicking off its 2025 budget work.

If those figures and report are in the July 9 final meeting, it will mean more than half of the year has passed without seeing figures from the first four months of 2025. If presented at the Aug. 27 meeting, it will mark eight months to see the first four months of reporting.

We will have coverage on key Council matters from the June 25 meeting in the coming days.

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