Morinville RCMP Launches Summer Road Safety Initiative

Morinville RCMP Detachment partnered with Sturgeon County and Town of Morinville Enforcement partners to kick off their summer road safety enforcement plan on Thursday, June 20. The three organizations will continue to partner on traffic safety initiatives over the summer. – submitted photo

by Stephen Dafoe

The Morinville RCMP Detachment, in collaboration with Enforcement Services from Sturgeon County and the Town of Morinville, initiated their summer road safety enforcement plan with a concerted operation on Thursday, June 20. The operation targeted critical areas, including speed limits, cell phone use, and seatbelt compliance, to enhance road safety in the Morinville area.

Morinville RCMP Staff Sergeant Darcy McGunigal said the Detachment will continue to work to reduce traffic-related collisions and incidents throughout the summer.

“Strategies will include joint operations with our local enforcement partners targeting provincial traffic violations as well as police-operated impaired driving check stops,” McGunigal said. “These operations will be scheduled at times and locations designed to have the maximum level of effectiveness.”

However, drivers shouldn’t expect advance notice, as RCMP will not disclose times and locations to ensure a practical impact.

The local efforts tie in well with the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar, which identifies a different traffic focus each month. June’s focus was on commercial vehicle safety, July is impaired driving, and August’s is on new drivers.

Statistics show that summer is a key time for collisions in the province, which is no different in the Morinville Detachment area.

“Morinville Detachment typically responds to five or six injury collisions in the summer months,” McGunigal said. “During the summer of 2022, those numbers roughly doubled. Subsequent enforcement efforts and priority planning in 2023 successfully reduced this rate back to our previous levels, but we are determined not to let our guard down. Morinville Detachment will continue these efforts in 2024 and beyond to prevent another spike in injury-related collisions.”

McGunigal went on to say that the Detachment is appreciative of the cooperation from Sturgeon County and Town of Morinville’s enforcement partners.

“Together we will continue to work together to encourage the public on safe driving habits by providing a strong and visible presence on our roads, with the goal of ensuring safe travels this summer for everyone in our community,” he said.

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