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Book Bites – Minecraft Club

One of the many programs the Morinville Community Library offers is the Minecraft Club, which runs twice a month at the library on the second Monday of the month for an afternoon event, and every third Thursday for the evening event. […]


Guest Column: Family Violence, Leaving is Not Simple

Many people often ask victims of domestic violence why they stay. They are many answers.
The most dangerous time for any victim of domestic violence are the first eighteen months after leaving. When an abuser’s power and control are threatened, the violence often escalates. Death can be a consequence. Because family violence involves a vicious cycle of power and control, there are also many other reasons that make leaving difficult.


Guest Column: Family Violence, It Is Your Business

You may think if someone you know is living with family violence it isn’t any of your business. That isn’t true. Family Violence affects everyone and anyone can help. Trusted friends, family members, neighbours, co-workers or coaches can offer support. Your support can mean the difference between life or death. […]