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St. Albert RCMP want to keep community informed

St. Albert RCMP are working hard at keeping the community informed while navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. St. Albert detachment has seen a decrease in calls for service over the past week but anticipate as tensions begin to rise around safeguarding property, mental wellness due to self-isolating / distancing and the economic downturn […]

Crime & Police

RCMP cautioning motorists to follow the rules

During these challenging times St. Albert RCMP are reminding the public that the police still have a job to do, including traffic enforcement. Whether it is Automated Traffic Enforcement or Police Officer Enforcement, St. Albert RCMP want the community to be safe and that includes when they are operating a motor vehicle. […]

Crime & Police

Letter: March is Fraud Prevention Month

St. Albert RCMP want to raise attention to Fraud Prevention Month, whether the scam occurs via the internet, phone, mail or door-to-door, society needs to informed and vigilant. In 2019, there were over 46,000 frauds reported and $98 million lost to fraud in Canada.