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Rise in liquor store thefts leads province to launch working group

Liquor store thefts in Edmonton tripled in 2019 over the previous year. With more than 9,500 liquor store thefts in Edmonton alone last year, the government has established a working group to combat what the UCP says is a growing public safety threat posed by liquor store robberies and thefts. […]

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Crime & Police

Two adults charged with drug trafficking

Two adult males alleged to be operating a delivery service for illicit and controlled substances within the surrounding area were arrested and charged following a drug trafficking investigation by the St. Albert RCMP Drug Unit. […]

Crime & Police

Tax scam making the rounds, RCMP say

The past few weeks have seen RCMP receiving complaints about phone calls from individuals claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency and the RCMP. Police say callers claim that the potential victim owes money in taxes which must be paid as soon as possible. […]