Editorial: How the King Cancelled Christmas

One day the King asked his Royal Advisor what he should do about an illness plaguing the land. The Royal Advisor, who was also a doctor and a scientist, gave the King a long list of things he could do and should do. […]


Guest Editorial: Now is the time for bold ideas and action

Alberta has experienced its share of turmoil throughout its nearly 115 years as a province. From floods to wildfires to perpetual commodity boom and bust cycles to global financial crises, we’ve weathered it all and come out the other side stronger. Each time we face adversity, we come together, support our neighbours, and roll up our sleeves to do what it takes to weather the storm. […]

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Editorial: Let’s all cheer for Canada’s volunteers!

National Volunteer Week runs Apr. 19 to 25 this year with the theme “Let’s all cheer for Canada’s volunteers!”, a theme that not only recognizes the impact of volunteers and how they lift communities like Morinville but also our current inability to actually shake a volunteer’s hand. […]