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FOOD: Reset your health with powerful food pairings

Start the new year right by making the most of your food choices. According to Sue Mah, a registered dietitian, you can easily maximize the nutrition and health benefits of delicious foods simply by pairing them in certain combinations. […]

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Food: Did someone say eggnog?

Nothing says holiday like a delicious, cold glass of eggnog. Make this smooth treat from scratch at home and you’ll never go back to the store-bought version. […]

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Food: A decadent make-ahead brunch for the ultimate weekend feast

(NC) Whether you’re a French toast enthusiast or prefer bacon and eggs, it’s hard to beat this perfect, over-the-top version of the classic brunch recipe. Plus, since the hands-on time is the night before, you can still get your beauty sleep and wake up ready to tuck in. Try out the recipe: […]

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Food: Easy healthy hack for beloved Salisbury steak

The scrumptious, seasoned patties of Salisbury steak are an old favourite for many, but they don’t always make it onto a list of healthiest meals. This lightened up version swaps out half the meat with diced mushrooms for a healthy, hearty and delicious twist. […]

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Food: Crowd-pleasing gluten-free fritto misto

Company coming? Fritto Misto, or “fried mix” in Italian, is always a popular appetizer, and you can make it gluten free using rice. Made with seafood and vegetables, it’s perfect for a group gathering when you want something easy, classy and delicious for everyone. […]


Locally produced foods popular at Morinville Sobeys

Locally-grown produce and locally-produced cheeses, honey and other products are taking up more space in Sobeys Morinville these days as owners Shaun and Susie Thompson expand their offerings of products from the Sturgeon County and Edmonton region. […]

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Food: Find weeknight recipe success with air fry falafel sliders

Want a healthy dinner that’s sure to be a hit for the whole family? Look no further than Anna Olson’s air fry falafel sliders. Packed with nutrients and topped with a tahini lemon yogurt, enjoy this Mediterranean spin on a classic dish. […]