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Food for Thought Column: 7 simple swaps to incorporate plant-based eating into your diet

(NC) As one of the top food trends, everyone is talking about the power of plant-based eating—but putting it into practice can seem daunting. Choosing a plant-based diet isn’t necessarily an overnight switch, nor does it have to mean a complete diet overhaul. We’ve simplified the pressures of doing the plant-based diet “right” with swaps to introduce plant-based eating into your daily routine. […]


The Soaring Pig: Making Pasta At Home

Making fresh pasta at home is easy to do, and not overly time-consuming.

There are a couple of recipes I use for the dough. The one in the video is the quicker of the two. […]

Arts & Culture

Our Community: The Morinville Rendez-Vous Centre

On Wednesday the Rendez-Vous Centre was busy with a group learning Bridge and the Scrap Happy Quilters working away in the hall. But those activities are but two of the programs offered locally at the centre. […]

Food & Health

Government not doing enough on tobacco reduction, coalition says

The Campaign for a Smoke-Free Alberta, a coalition of health organizations, gave Alberta government a C-minus for its overall effort to reduce tobacco use in an annual report card Wednesday, the second consecutive year the province has received the failing grade. […]

Food & Health

Food for Thought Column: Healthy habits at work to boost productivity

(NC) When striving to maintain optimal overall health, it’s imperative to instil good habits into your busy work schedule, which can also make you happier and more productive. Plan for success by following these six tips and tricks to achieve a healthy lifestyle. […]

Food & Health

Food For Thought Column: Healthy on-the-go power crunch bars

(NC) When you’re hungry and in a hurry, sticking to your new year’s resolution can get tricky. Plan ahead and beat your cravings with these power crunch snack bars, made with Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop microwaveable popcorn. […]


Column: 5 secrets for work-life balance for busy professionals

(NC) Between busy work schedules, family life and other commitments, finding a comfortable balance in our personal and professional lives seems elusive. Fortunately, Ron Lancaster, a university math professor who frequently travels the world for work, shares his top tips to help you make the most of every day. […]


Food for Thought Column: Recipe hack – better-for-you holiday snacking

(NC) While this season is often a time to indulge, many of us are looking for ways to stay on track with our health goals. Making better-for-you choices can be even harder if we’re in the kitchen cooking up a storm. If you know that you can’t always (or don’t want to) refrain from enjoying your own creations, try this simple recipe as an alternative treat. […]


Food for Thought Column: Good news about food banks in Canada

(NC) Our nation has a big challenge ahead to solve the issue of household food insecurity. But recent studies have shown signs of improvement and some good news on the food bank front. Mimi Lowi-Young, executive director of Food Banks Canada, shares a few positive stories on our nation’s journey to relieve hunger. […]


Food for Thought Column: The showstopper dessert of the holiday season

(NC) Every year, there is always one hero recipe that leaves your guests craving for more. This holiday, whip up this rich and delicious brioche pudding that features a soft and buttery sweet loaf made in France that is hand-braided before baking for European-style flavour and flair.