Because credibility is everything in the news business,’s [Morinville Online] goal is to be as accurate and balanced as possible.

As such, we take errors factual or typographical seriously and will correct significant errors as quickly as possible. These corrections will come with an explaination for the change in the story as well as the day and time it was corrected.

We do not consider a story to be in error if there has been a subsequent update to the situation. In those cases, we will either add an update at the top of the story and indicate the original story was just that. We may also do a completely separate story and link to the original story for detail.

Requests to remove content:’s articles since our creation in June 0f 2010 become a community record. As such, we will not, except in very narrow situations, remove an article or video. Such removal is at the publisher’s discretion.

Complaints is a member of the National NewsMedia Council, which deals with complaints about news stories, opinion columns or photos. See the NNC web site at or call 1-844-877-1163 for more information.

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