Local business adds defibrillator

It’s not uncommon to see a variety of new tools at Home Hardware / Bumper-to-Bumper. It’s what one expects from their local hardware store/auto parts dealer. But a recent addition to the shop isn’t for fixing bathroom taps or car engines – it’s for fixing people engines. […]

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Ambrose makes defibrillator program announcement in Legal

by Morinville News Staff

Legal – Federal Minister of Health Rona Ambrose, representatives from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and an advocate of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) gathered at the Legal Curling Club Wednesday afternoon to announce the life-saving units would be installed in recreational arenas across the country. In her second stop of the day in the region, Minister Ambrose announced that more than 2,000 AEDs, an electronic device used to restart a person’s heart… […]