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Town’s new pet bylaw affirms protection during cold winter weather

On Jan. 1, Morinville’s new pet bylaw officially came into effect. Among other things, this bylaw upheld the Town’s previous requirement stating no pets—dogs or cats—are allowed to roam freely in town.

That provision—which was almost removed when the bylaw was redrafted last year—is one way the Town is encouraging residents to keep their pets safe in the winter, particularly in a region where cold weather can be downright dangerous. […]

Local News

Morinville Council Briefs

In a unanimous decision – excluding the absent Councilor Boudestein – Council has voted to defer once again giving Second Reading to the Animal Control Bylaw. The vote came after a motion from Councillor Dafoe who was concerned Administration had not implemented any changes from what was heard at the public hearing and discussed at Committee of the Whole. […]


Guest Column: One Person’s Opinion

Most of you will remember our last go-round with an animal control bylaw (Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011), wherein we became the laughing-stock of the entire country (and beyond) for our insistence on ensuring that citizens did not harbour any of a very extensive and diverse list of critters; you know — the exotic kind. […]