National Column: A BIG FIRST STEP

As the Supreme Court’s deadline for assisted-dying legislation passed with no new law in place, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rejected claims his proposed law doesn’t go nearly far enough. […]


National Column: Five unexpected developments in Bill C-14 debate

The time-sensitive production of a Charter-compliant federal law on medically assisted death was always going to be a logistical challenge for whomever was elected to power last October.

On that basis, the fact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government missed Monday’s court-imposed deadline to prevent a legal void is probably the least unexpected development in the legislative saga that has consumed MPs and senators over the first session of the new Parliament. […]


National Column: Historic debate on death is silenced

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould was telling a Senate committee this week that her government’s assisted-dying legislation was a “transformational shift” in this country. But she had to excuse herself.

She was needed down the hall in the House of Commons to explain why debate had to be cut off on this transformational shift. […]