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Block Parent program will continue in Morinville

After announcing a month ago that the Block Parent program would discontinue in Morinville if a new board did not step forward, the association has received an injection of new blood.

At a meeting held at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre Oct. 5, 13 residents came out to support the continuation of the organization locally. Past Chair Tanya Sloan said none of those in attendance were current members. […]

Local News

Block Parent program in danger of folding

The Morinville Block Parent Association is at risk of folding if a new executive cannot be found by Oct. 5. In a press release issued Sept. 15, the current board of directors announced the program will close in Morinville Oct. 15.

“There have been many attempts to improve the number of Block Parent homes in Morinville over the years and to gain awareness and interest in the program,” said the Board’s Chair Tanya Sloan. “Unfortunately, there are currently less than 20 and that number continues to decline.” […]

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Letter: Block Parent program saved


Here is an update to this Association. We were able to retain the program as a current Block Parent, Jackie Luker, stepped up to Vice-Chair and new Block Parent Cassie Adams took on Secretary. I am the new Chair/Treasurer. .. […]