National News

Liberals announce a ban on 1500 firearms

On Friday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the ban of over 1,500 models and varients of what he calls “assault-style firearms,” including nine categories of firearms and two types identified by characteristic. The announcement also prohibits some firearms components. […]

Editorial & Opinion

Editorial: Let’s all cheer for Canada’s volunteers!

National Volunteer Week runs Apr. 19 to 25 this year with the theme “Let’s all cheer for Canada’s volunteers!”, a theme that not only recognizes the impact of volunteers and how they lift communities like Morinville but also our current inability to actually shake a volunteer’s hand. […]


National Column: What is the point of NATO?

Donald Trump says too many NATO countries, including Canada, don’t pay their fair share of defence costs. The U.S. president is right about that. But the real question facing the 29-member alliance is far more fundamental. […]


National Column: Pipeline impasse as big as ever

A month after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stepped in to resolve the impasse between British
Columbia and Alberta over the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, his government has little to show for its efforts. […]


National Column: What U.S. interest in TPP means for Canada

Donald Trump is reportedly musing that he might join the 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal. If he is serious, the angst-ridden negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement, as well as NAFTA itself, could become largely irrelevant. […]


National Column: Russia policy raises many questions

Canada’s decision to expel Russian diplomats raises more questions than it answers.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said the expulsion of four diplomats and the refusal to accredit three more is designed to show solidarity with Britain, which blames Russia for deploying a deadly nerve agent in England.