National Column: Deja vu and the carbon plan

Is a carbon tax a hill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is willing to die on? That question had been in the back of many political minds since Ontario – under its new PC government – bailed out of the federal climate change framework last spring.


New grant promotes environmental awareness

Non-profit groups interested in educating their communities about climate change have a month to apply for a new grant the government announced Monday.

The province says it is investing $600,000 in the Community Environment Action grant program, something they say will “support all Albertans – young and old, rural and urban – to better understand and address climate change.” […]


Wildrose criticizing government for sending millions to Ottawa

The Wildrose laid criticism at the provincial government Wednesday for sending tens of millions more to Ottawa through GST revenues created through the carbon tax. The opposition party says the additional revenues comes with no added benefit to Alberta. […]