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Coming up at Town Council

Morinville Town Council moved their meeting to Monday this week, due to the regular meeting falling on Valentine’s Day.

Up for discussion, according to the Feb. 13 agenda package is:

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Capital Region Board to drop from 24 to 13 – Morinville to remain

The Capital Region Board will be reduced from 24 members to 13, a drop of 11 municipalities in the Capital Region. Additionally, the Board heard Thursday at its regular meeting that some form of regional service delivery and regional economic development will be added to its mandate in 2017. […]


CRB to incubate independent regional economic development

The Capital Region Board (CRB) table will be a “jumping off point” for the development of a new regional economic development entity.

At the CRB’s Mar. 10 meeting, the Board of 24 municipalities in the Capital Region decided against having the Board oversee economic development in the region itself. Instead, the Board opted to “direct administration to facilitate a first meeting of interested parties.” […]


Column: Province’s mandate for Capital Region Board nets critical thinking and planning for the Capital Region and the Edmonton metropolitan area

In these times of budgetary uncertainty it’s important to know you’re getting value for your money. Are you getting your money’s worth from the Capital Region Board?

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Morinville News

CRB committee selects chair

by Morinville News Staff

Edmonton – Beaumont Mayor Camille Berube was elected to a two-year term as Chair of the Capital Region Board’s (CRB) Governance, Priorities and Finance Committee Monday in a secret ballot at the Committee’s inaugural meeting Monday. Councillor Phyllis Kobasiuk of Parkland County was elected as Vice Chair at the same meeting. The CRB represents 24 municipalities in Alberta’s Capital Region, including Morinville and Sturgeon County… […]

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Morinville News

Morinville positioned for double its population

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Although the infrastructure beneath its streets positions Morinville to provide water and sewer for a population of 30,000, a document worked on by the Town’s Planning and Development Department seeks to position the community to handle double its current population of approximately 8,500 residents.

Morinville’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was recently approved by the Capital Region Board (CRB), a government-sanctioned body of 25 municipalities in and around Edmonton that work on long-term planning for the region… […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Municipal Development Plan Approved at Capital Region Board (CRB) Level

By Greg Hofmann

The Town of Morinville’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is one step closer to being adopted by Town Council! On August 8th, 2012, the draft Municipal Development Plan received approval at the CRB level now enabling Town Council to move forward with the MDP approval process locally… […]