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Letter: Ask the experts

Morinville residents who attend this weekend’s Morinville Trade Show have the opportunity to get information and to ask questions on photo radar enforcement at the Town of Morinville’s booth. It is time to separate FACT from FICTION. There seems to be a consistent message in the media comments made by those opposed to photo speed enforcement. They want you to vote “yes” to eliminating it! Their suggestion is that the RCMP and Community Peace Officers fill the void left by the removal of photo speed enforcement. What would this mean for the residents of Morinville? Who better to ask than our local Experts on this subject matter… […]

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Morinville News

County and Town team to enforce Off Highway Vehicle Bylaw

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – A new pilot enforcement project in Morinville has been made possible through the assistance of Sturgeon County. The County is lending Morinville one of its enforcement-equipped ATVs to allow Morinville peace officers to traverse the same terrain as those illegally driving off road vehicles within Town of Morinville limits.

Morinville Community Peace Officer James Alaeddine explained the purpose of the 60-day pilot project is mainly to raise awareness of … […]