National Column: Health-care power play on deck

On Friday evening, something will happen that hasn’t happened in nearly 13 years. The prime minister and the provincial premiers will talk about Canada’s health-care system.

Oh, the fun they had last time! Paul Martin was the prime minister. He had run and won re-election on a promise to “fix health care for a generation.” […]


National Column: The bluster on health-care funding

“Your French is getting better,” a reporter told Jane Philpott on Wednesday as the federal health minister wrapped up a chat with some members of the press gallery before the weekly Liberal caucus meeting. […]

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Column: Seniors’ care faulted in throne speech responses

Not a lot was said about seniors in the Alberta government’s speech from the throne least week. In the speech given by Lieutenant-Governor Donald S. Ethell at the March 3 opening of the second session of 28th Alberta Legislature, the government congratulated itself for building a seniors’ care home in Strathmore… […]