National Column: Immigration issue is a dangerous game

The refugee issue has long simmered beneath the surface of Canadian politics. It was there when former prime minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government passed the infamous Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, a thinly-disguised attack on Muslims.

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Conservatives call on Trudeau to protect Canada’s immigration system after US decision

Following the United States decision Monday to end the Temporary Protected Status program for nearly 200,000 Salvadorans, The Honourable Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, is calling on the federal government to close the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement. […]


National Column: 1981 budget a good lesson for Liberals

It is sometimes held that Finance Minister Bill Morneau backed away from a promise to end lucrative tax breaks for the well-to-do in last week’s budget because of Donald Trump.

With the mercurial Trump occupying the White House, the theory goes, Morneau figured it would be foolish to fiddle with the Canadian tax system. Better to wait until American intentions become clearer.


National Column: PM should play his trump card

It is not to diminish the economic importance of the trade arrangements between Canada and the United States to note that more than the bilateral relationship between the two countries will be at stake when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds his first face-to-face meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump. […]


National Column: The Trudeau Interview – second of Five parts

Justin Trudeau was eight minutes late for our interview on Monday, which was no hardship, since we’d budgeted a comfortable 40 minutes and I was waiting in the cosy confines of his own office on the third floor of Parliament’s Centre Block. Framed photo of his dad in the corner, under a contemporary caricature of Wilfrid Laurier. Medallion in the shape of the Montreal Canadiens logo hanging from the bookshelf in the opposite corner. […]


National Column: New economic reality throws PM, Notley together

Justin Trudeau makes his most important domestic trip in his short life as prime minister this week when he heads to Alberta.

Prime ministerial visits are usually of the in-and-out variety. Trudeau will spend two days in Edmonton and Calgary, meeting with the oil industry and those providing social services in the province, then sit down with Premier Rachel Notley. […]


Premier and Prime Minister to meet next week

Premier Rachel Notley will meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Edmonton Feb. 3 to discuss the economy and what can be done to manage the province’s current economic challenges. […]


National Column: Refugee backlash will strengthen

Because this is Canada, the backlash begins in the most polite of fashions.

But make no mistake, a backlash against Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to this country is taking root and seems certain to build. […]