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Council approves land for LAV III memorial site on rec centre grounds

The Morinville Rotary Club and veteran Jayson Wood received some good news from Council after they approved the use of a slice of Town land on their new recreation centre site to develop a new LAV III monument. The LAV or Light Armoured Vehicle is a popular vehicle that has been used by the Canadian military in many deployments globally and is familiar to many soldiers who deployed in Afghanistan. […]

Local News

Town taking donations for LAV III Monument

The Town of Morinville announced Wednesday it had received notification from Canada Company that the community has been selected to receive one of 250 reconditioned LAV III (Light Armored Vehicle) as part of their National LAV III Monument Program.

Town Administration has been actively assisting Morinville resident and retired soldier, Trooper Jayson Wood in the application process since June of 2015. […]