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Council accepts reports on vaping and marijuana

Council has received two new reports for information on hot-button topics: vaping and marijuana legislation. Both reports were prepared by Sgt. William Norton, Morinville’s Manager of Enforcement Services, and were accepted as part of a larger sudo ‘consent agenda’ motion, where council also received many other items for information and passed motions. […]


National Column: Pot promise put to the test

If he wants to avoid spending the 2019 campaign walking on the shards of yet another broken signature promise, Justin Trudeau has little choice but to make good on his promise to legalize marijuana in time for the next election. […]


Bringing the buzz kill to marijuana legalization

Reading the 106-page report of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, with its determinedly bland cover design and its epically drab title, “A Framework For the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada,” it’s hard to shake the urge to blow off a little steam by sparking up a great big bowl of […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Column: Progressive views – Marijuana Prohibition a Failure

By Tristan Turner

As with all drugs, I have nothing but contempt for marijuana. To me, the consumption of any substance that causes any level of inebriation, addiction, intemperance or long-term health issues should be avoided diligently. I loathe Marijuana – so why do I believe it should be legalized and federally regulated, like tobacco?… […]